Unredacted is a research unit that investigates and documents secretive UK state and corporate practices in the context of national security.


The Unredacted team undertakes in-depth investigations into national security programmes and practices, with a particular focus on covert, clandestine and secretive aspects of the US-UK ‘War on Terror’. We produce original, high-impact research, uncovering the contours of secretive practices, identifying abuses of power and enabling others to hold governments and corporations to account.


Our fully-searchable Archive provides access to thousands of national security-related documents, including those sourced through our investigations or otherwise gathered by the team. The Archive will grow significantly throughout 2024, becoming a permanent, public collection of material relating to national security and human rights.


Our findings have made headlines across national media and led to emergency parliamentary debates, Ministerial statements and changes in government policy. Our work has informed official inquiries into systematic human rights abuses and war crimes investigations at the UN and ICC, and has supported cases brought before UK courts, the European Court of Human Rights, the US Supreme Court and military commissions at Guantánamo Bay.

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