Our Partners

Unredacted is a unique collaborative research and impact project, building upon the work of human rights organisations, journalists, lawyers and parliamentarians. We are proud to be working alongside a number of key Partners, whose collective work has done much to increase public understandings of secretive UK national security practices.

We are working with our Partners to bring key national security documents to the public, alongside our briefings to set these documents in the necessary contexts. The Unredacted Archive is built in part from material gathered by our Partners, supplementing the documents secured through our own investigations. Indeed, without such collaboration our project would not exist!

Action on Armed Violence

Killing in the Shadows: Investigating Allegations of British Special Forces Extra-Judicial Killings in Afghanistan
Action on Armed Violence, report, 54 pages, Jul 2022

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) is a London-based organisation that records, investigates, and disseminates evidence of armed violence against civilians worldwide. AOAV works to ensure the respect and protection of civilian rights and to end armed violence against civilians in conflict. The AOAV Explosive Violence Monitor has been running since 2010, recording tens of thousands of civilian deaths each year, especially in heavily populated areas.

AOAV’s militarism work has a particular focus on the UK. The team investigates a range of practices, including the export of arms to states with serious human rights concerns, civilian deaths from British military action, and the deployment of UK Special Forces (UKSF) around the globe.

Unredacted is working with AOAV to integrate material on these practices into our archive, whether disclosed via FOIA or other means.


Limited Accountability: A Transparency Audit of the Coalition Air War Against So-Called Islamic State
Airwars and Oxford Research Group, Remote Control Project, report, 54 pages, Dec 2016

Airwars is a not-for-profit transparency watchdog which tracks, assesses, archives, and investigates civilian harm claims in conflict-affected nations. Based in the UK, Airwars is affiliated with the Department of Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Airwars monitors, assesses, and preserves civilian casualty claims, in order to reliably and independently document the human cost of war. The Airwars Civilian Casualty Database provides analytical reporting on thousands of individual incidents with civilian harm allegations, across a range of conflicts. The team works to pressure governments and militaries to investigate, acknowledge and take responsibility for civilian casualties as a result of military action.

Unredacted is working with Airwars to document the scale and impact of the US-led Coalition’s airstrikes in Iraq and Syria since 2014, including the central role played by UK forces in the campaign.

APPG on Extraordinary Rendition

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition (APPGER) is a cross-party grouping of MPs and Peers from the UK’s Parliament, established in December 2005 in response to the earliest allegations that the UK was involved in the US rendition, secret detention and torture programme.

Parliamentary members of APPGER have filed hundreds of parliamentary questions on extraordinary rendition and related issues, and contributed to numerous parliamentary debates. The group has also sought information relating to the UK’s role in these practices from a number of UK and US government departments, through the use of FOIA and parliamentary correspondence.

Unredacted is working with APPGER to archive and analyse a range of new material secured through FOIA, shedding further light on the UK’s involvement in the CIA’s torture programme and the unlawful detention and interrogation practices across Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy

The Cost of Repression: Secret Government Funds and Human Rights Abuse in the Gulf
APPG on Democracy and Human Rights in the Gulf and Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy, report, 44 pages, Jul 2021

The Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) is a non-profit organisation focusing on advocacy, education and awareness for the calls of democracy and human rights in Bahrain. Its mission is to promote human rights and effective accountability in Bahrain.

As well as working with victims of human rights abuses in Bahrain, BIRD engage with key international actors and governments to advocate for policies that support human rights in Bahrain. They work alongside NGO coalitions, international bodies, members of the British-Bahraini community, Bahraini activists, and the UK public to raise awareness of the human rights situation in Bahrain.

Unredacted is working with BIRD to track a range of military, security and policing assistance packages supplied by the UK to Bahrain and other countries in the Gulf region.

Campaign Against Arms Trade

A Shameful Relationship: UK Complicity in Saudi State Violence
Campaign Against Arms Trade, report, 18 pages, Apr 2016

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) is a UK-based organisation working to end the international arms trade. CAAT challenges the procurement and export of arms in situations which would exacerbate conflict, support oppression or undermine democracy. They work to end governmental political and financial support for the arms exports sector, and to promote progressive demilitarisation within arms-producing countries.

CAAT leads the way in collecting and publishing interactive data on UK export licences and EU military exports, as well as UK arms companies, destinations for UK exports, and global arms fairs. They have also undertaken legal challenges to the UK export regime, including an attempt to halt weapons sales to Saudi Arabia in the context of its bombing campaign in Yemen.

Unredacted is working with CAAT to challenge the secrecy surrounding the export of military and security technologies, especially where such exports sustain violent practices which clearly violate international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Drone Wars UK

Joint Enterprise: An Overview of US-UK Cooperation on Armed Drone Operations
Drone Wars UK, report, 55 pages, Jun 2020

Drone Wars UK investigates and challenges the development and use of armed drones and other new lethal military technology. Of particular concern are the ways in which this new technology lowers the threshold for the use of force, enables greater levels of secrecy and reduced accountability for military intervention throughout the globe, and expand the use of targeted killings of individuals, both inside and outside declared areas of conflict.

Drone Wars UK works in particular to scrutinise the UK’s development and use of drones and other emerging technology. They lead the way in transparency efforts in this field, using FOIA to challenge government and military secrecy in relation to the deployment, use and impact of British armed drones.

Unredacted is working with Drone Wars UK and others to compile a public dataset of UK airstrikes and casualties since 2001.


MuckRock is a non-profit, collaborative news site that brings together journalists, researchers, activists, and citizens to request, analyse and share government documents. The FOIA repository contains hundreds of thousands of pages of original US Government materials, information on how to file FOIA requests, and tools to make the requesting process easier.

MuckRock also owns DocumentCloud, an ‘all-in-one platform used by newsrooms around the world to manage primary source documents.’ Unredacted uses DocumentCloud to host our documents, and we are grateful to MuckRock for providing us with funding to develop the document search and filter dashboard for our archive.


Access Denied: The UK Government Attack on Freedom of Information
openDemocracy, Lucas Amin, report, 36 pages, Oct 2021

openDemocracy (oD) is an independent, international media platform, producing journalism which challenges power, inspires change, and builds leadership among groups underrepresented in the media. The team’s investigative work has triggered legal changes, parliamentary probes, lawsuits, and criminal investigations, and is often featured with major national and international media.

oD’s work on Freedom of Information has led the way in exposing the overlapping ways in which government departments have been working to deny access to disclosable information under FOIA. The ongoing investigation, which has uncovered an ‘Orwellian’ Cabinet Office unit used to track individual requesters and coordinate refusals, has led to a parliamentary inquiry into the practice and was shortlisted for the Paul Foot Award in 2021.

Unredacted is working with openDemocracy to force greater transparency from government departments in relation to how FOIA requests are managed, how exemptions within the Act are employed, and the ways in which “national security” is used as a blanket to avoid the release of information.

Privacy International

Eyes Wide Open
Privacy International, report, 42 pages, 23 Nov 2013

Privacy International (PI) researches and advocates globally against government and corporate abuses of data and technology. It challenges overreaching state and corporate surveillance so that people everywhere can have greater security and freedom through enhanced personal privacy. Within its range of activities, PI investigates how peoples’ personal data is generated and exploited, and how it can be protected through legal and technological frameworks.

PI’s work has involved investigations, legal challenges, and campaigning on a number of issues relating to national security and human rights, notably surveillance, policing, and border technologies and associated legislation.

Unredacted is working with PI to publish, in fully searchable form, hundreds of documents relating to intelligence sharing practices, mass surveillance programmes and policing technologies. Many of these documents have not been published before.


Ghost Detention on Diego Garcia
Reprieve, 22 pages, 20 May 2009

Reprieve is a legal action charity based in London. Its team consists of investigators, lawyers and campaigners fighting to defend marginalised people who are facing human rights abuses, often at the hands of powerful governments.

Past work by the team at Reprieve has included investigations and legal action in relation to the UK’s involvement in torture, secret detention and rendition as part of the ‘War on Terror’, as well as British involvement in the US-led global targeted killing campaign. Legal representation of men held at Guantánamo Bay has resulted in 80 clients being released, and Reprieve’s Life After Guantánamo project has supported over 100 former prisoners and their families.

Unredacted is working with Reprieve to investigate and challenge the UK’s continued involvement in torture, and to push for a full public inquiry into abuses committed as part of the ‘War on Terror’.

Shadow World Investigations

Shadow World Investigations (SWI) undertakes investigations into cases of grand corruption, corporate malfeasance and militarism, predominantly but not exclusively in the global arms trade. The team focuses largely on the arms trade, and the militarism that underpins in, because it ‘encapsulates and typifies the way in which criminal and institutional corruption undermines good governance and causes untold damage across the globe.’

Unredacted is working with SWI and others to build a public archive of documents relating to the UK’s involvement in the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen since 2015. This project is tracking the scale and scope of this involvement, and once launched will provide the most detailed public archive of material to date.

The Rendition Project

CIA Torture Unredacted
The Rendition Project and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, 403 pages, Jul 2019

The Rendition Project was a collaborative research project between academics and human rights practitioners, focused on undertaking and publishing original research into the CIA’s torture programme. The project ran between 2010-2019 and was directed by Professor Ruth Blakeley (University of Sheffield) and Professor Sam Raphael (University of Westminster).

The Rendition Project team compiled a number of large datasets which helped to map the torture programme, including the world’s largest database of rendition flights by CIA aircraft, information on the aircraft and companies involved, and the location and operational periods of the secret prisons. The final report, CIA Torture Unredacted, presents the most detailed public account of CIA torture ever published.

Unredacted is picking up where The Rendition Project left off. We are working to build the world’s most comprehensive collection of documents relating to UK involvement in torture, secret detention and rendition in the ‘War on Terror’, bringing together and publishing hundreds of primary documents in fully searchable form. This will include the primary material gathered by The Rendition Project.