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This page brings together all briefings, collections, and project archives published by Unredacted. Users can search the text of the webpages themselves (but not the text of the associated documents), as well as cross-filter by project and content type. As new material is added to the website throughout 2024, this page will grow and allow users to navigate the content available.

Our briefings are designed to explain a particular subject and provide a context within which to understand key documents from the Unredacted Archive. We will be publishing briefings as we release new documents into the Archive, or bring existing documents together in new ways.

Our collections are sets of documents linked by either the type of document (e.g., NGO reports or FOIA documents) or by the organisational context within which the documents were produced. Thus, documents relating to a particular court or tribunal, or a particular public inquiry, form individual collections.

Our project archives bring together all documents linked to a particular project. Such documents may also appear in other collections, but are included in project archives if they relate to the broad parameters of the project.

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collection UNAMA Reports Updated: 20 July 2024 A collection of United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reports on the protection of civilians and the treatment of conflict-related detainees in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2021. These reports are based on UNAMA investigations into reports of civilian casualties caused by all parties to the conflict in Afghanistan, including ‘Anti-Government Elements’ and ‘Pro-Government Forces’, as well as observations and interviews from within detention facilities. Particularly from 2009 to 2012, UNAMA highlight concerns around night raids and special forces. Read more
briefing UK Special Forces War Crimes: The Key Documents Updated: 16 July 2024 Documents disclosed during the Saifullah judicial review in July 2020, and by the Independent Inquiry Relating to Afghanistan from December 2023 onwards, which make clear the extent to which senior officers in UK Special Forces were aware – at the time – of potential extrajudicial killings in Afghanistan during 2010-11. They also show that investigating officers from the Royal Military Police later believed that evidence of these potential crimes may have been subsequently covered up through the deliberate deletion of data. Read more
collection Intelligence Commissioners Updated: 16 July 2024 This collection brings together reports, consultation documents and other material related to the work of the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office (IPCO) and its predecessors. This includes documents relating to IPCO’s consultations into the ‘consolidated guidance’ and the use of ‘bulk powers’, as well as documents from (or about) the intelligence agencies disclosed as part of proceedings at the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. Read more
project archive The Special Forces War Crimes Archive Updated: 10 July 2024 An archive of documents relating to UK Special Forces war crimes in Afghanistan. It includes documents from a wide range of sources, including those disclosed in the ongoing Independent Inquiry Relating to Afghanistan; UNAMA civilian casualty reports; documents from the International Criminal Court investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan; documents from the Australian war crimes inquiry; multiple reviews of the UK’s service justice system; and relevant legislation, military doctrine, FOIA responses and NGO reports. Read more
collection Parliamentary Committees Updated: 10 July 2024 This collection brings together a range of documents related to the work of parliamentary committees in areas of national security and human rights. This includes final inquiry reports produced by relevant committees, responses of HM Government to these reports, submissions of evidence by experts and organisations, and correspondence between the relevant parties. Read more
collection NGO Reports Updated: 10 July 2024 This collection brings together a wide range of NGO reports related to UK national security and human rights. This includes research on rendition, torture and secret detention; extrajudicial killings; mass surveillance and interception programmes; counterterrorism training and funding; citizenship deprivation; arms exports; and drone operations. Many of these reports represent the fruits of significant investigative work, which has enabled a much fuller picture of the contours and consequences of national security practice to emerge. Read more
collection The Unredacted FOIA Archive Updated: 10 July 2024 The Unredacted FOIA Archive provides a fully-searchable, growing collection of FOIA responses, ICO decision notices, and judgments from the First-Tier Tribunal (Information Rights) and the Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals) related to UK national security and relevant FOIA exemptions. The collation of these documents is made necessary by the inadequacy of the government’s own transparency and disclosure practices, and the significant restrictions placed on the public’s right to access information. Read more
collection Special Immigration Appeals Commission Updated: 9 July 2024 This collection brings together documents resulting from proceedings at the Special Immigrations Appeals Commission (SIAC), the court responsible for hearing appeals against deprivation of citizenship orders and cases in which foreign nationals are facing detention, deportation or exclusion from the UK on grounds of national security or other public interest reasons. These cases are largely heard behind closed doors, with appellants and their legal team represented by a Special Advocate. Read more
collection Investigatory Powers Tribunal Updated: 9 July 2024 This collection provides full access to documents related to the work of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), the body responsible for considering allegations of unlawful intrusion on privacy by public bodies, including the UK intelligence services, the Police and local authorities. The IPT is also responsible for investigating other allegations of human rights abuses by the intelligence agencies. Read more
briefing UK Special Forces War Crimes: Operations, 2010-13 Updated: 3 June 2024 Our ongoing investigation into extrajudicial killings committed by UK Special Forces (UKSF) in Afghanistan has, so far, identified 26 separate operations which involved the suspicious killings of scores of people, including children as young as 12. Many appear to have been executed, either while in custody of the UKSF unit (sometimes with their hands bound) or else shot where they were sleeping. Overall, the evidence strongly suggests that, between at least 2010-2013, UKSF units in Afghanistan were engaged in systematic war crimes and a subsequent attempt to cover these up. Read more
collection Independent Inquiry Relating to Afghanistan Updated: 21 May 2024 A collection of all publicly available documents – including transcripts, submissions, rulings, witness statements and exhibits – produced by the ongoing Independent Inquiry Relating to Afghanistan. Announced in December 2022, the Inquiry was set up to examine allegations of extrajudicial killings of civilians by UK Special Forces in Afghanistan, between mid-2010 and mid-2013, and the Ministry of Defence and Royal Military Police’s response to (and potential cover-up of) those allegations. Read more
briefing UK Special Forces War Crimes: Senior Officers, 2010-13 Updated: 30 April 2024 Senior UK Special Forces officers – up to and including Director Special Forces – were aware from at least 2010-11 of the mounting evidence of war crimes carried out by SAS units deployed to Afghanistan, as well as the fabricated reporting designed to cover up these crimes. This briefing provides an account of the key personnel who had contemporaneous knowledge of what appeared at the time to be systematic unlawful killings, and yet who universally failed to refer matters to the Service Police. Read more
collection The Australian War Crimes Inquiry Published: 19 February 2024 This collection includes documents relating to the official Inquiry into allegations of war crimes committed by Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan between 2005 and 2016. The final report concluded that there had been at least 23 incidents involving 39 unlawful killings by 25 Australian personnel. It also found evidence of the use of ‘throwdowns’, where soldiers would carry weapons on operations in order to plant them on civilians or unarmed combatants they had murdered. Read more