The Unredacted FOIA Archive

Unredacted’s FOIA Archive is the UK’s largest collection of national security-related material released under the Freedom of Information Act (2000). It includes hundreds of government disclosures, stretching across a range of themes, from arms exports licencing to domestic counterterrorism operations, drone strikes to the release of historical files. These disclosures are contained either within the text of the FOIA response itself, or as standalone documents attached to the response letter.

The archive also includes the outcomes of FOIA appeals taken to the Information Commissioner, either where the information requested directly relates to UK national security or, in some cases, where national security-related exemptions within the Act – particularly section 23 (security bodies) and section 24 (national security) – have been used to justify non-disclosure. Judgments from the First-Tier Tribunal (Information Rights) and the Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals) are also included.

Many of the individual FOIA requests contained within this archive come from members of the Unredacted team, our Partners and collaborators. Others have been obtained as part of Unredacted’s wider FOIA project, which is using provisions under the Act to challenge the inadequacies of the government’s own transparency and disclosure portal.