Investigatory Powers Tribunal

This collection provides access to documents relating to the work of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), established by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2000) to hear complaints by individuals or organisations in relation to alleged violations by the intelligence agencies of one or more human rights enshrined under the Human Rights Act (1998). The Tribunal can also hear complaints against the use of intrusive powers by any public body authorised to conduct such activity under RIPA, including the security and intelligence agencies, police forces and local authorities.

The IPT came into being in October 2000, assuming responsibility for the jurisdiction previously held by the Interception of Communications Tribunal, the Security Service Tribunal and the Intelligence Services Tribunal, as well as replacing the complaints function of the Commissioner appointed under the Police Act (1997).

The Investigatory Powers Act (2016) further inserted the right for a complainant to appeal the decision of the IPT on an ‘important point of principle or practice’ (section 242). Such appeals are heard at the Court of Appeal in England and Wales, or at the Court of Session.

The collection includes all open judgments and orders passed down by IPT, alongside submissions, correspondence and disclosures in relation to a number of important cases.