Special Immigration Appeals Commission

This collection brings together documents resulting from proceedings at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC). SIAC is a court created by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission Act (1997) to hear appeals against deprivation of citizenship orders under the British Nationality Act (1981) (as amended) and cases in which foreign nationals are facing detention, deportation or exclusion from the UK on grounds of national security, or for other public interest reasons.

While SIAC has the same powers as the High Court and is presided over by senior judges, its proceedings are more opaque, with many of its cases heard largely behind closed doors. In such cases, the appellant and their legal team are often unable to hear, let alone challenge, the evidence submitted by the Home Secretary. This evidence often includes intelligence derived from spying operations, phone tapping, and informant testimony. Once a decision is reached, the Commission issues both an open and a closed judgement, the latter of which is withheld from the appellant, their legal team, and the public at large.

Judgments by SIAC can be appealed to the Court of Appeal and a number of high-profile cases have progressed to the Supreme Court.