The Unredacted Archive

The Unredacted Archive brings together thousands of national security-related documents gathered by the team, providing full access to hundreds of thousands of pages of declassified material, court documents, FOIA responses and more. It is a new, permanent home for this material, and will be growing in size and scale throughout 2024. Users can filter, browse and open individual documents, and can also search the full text of the material held here.

The Unredacted Archive aims to become the UK’s largest permanent, public archive of material relating to national security and human rights. The Archive is comprised of documents sourced through our own investigations (many of which will be made public for the first time), collected by our Partners, and gathered by our team from a range of public sources. This includes material proactively published by official bodies, including government departments, parliamentary committees and intelligence oversight bodies, national security courts and tribunals, Freedom of Information ‘disclosure logs’ and public inquiries.

We have archived thousands of documents to date, covering a range of practices, including rendition, secret detention and torture, targeted killings outside of war (assassinations), extrajudicial killings and prisoner abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan, security assistance and training, arms exports, surveillance technologies and interception programmes, domestic counterterrorism, citizenship stripping and state collusion with non-state violent actors.

Our work intends to bring a step-change in accessibility for this material. While much of this material has previously been published elsewhere, it has not always been meaningfully accessible to the public. Many of the documents have, before now, existed in disparate locations, either online or in paper archives, and often in fragmented forms. Searching the full text of these documents has also not been possible before now.

The Archive will grow significantly throughout 2024, as will the number of published collections and briefings.

Guide to searching the Archive